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Ganache Parfums

Too Intense Flash Sale Flight Set

Too Intense Flash Sale Flight Set

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 100 ml. Freakum Dress

 The first novelty fragrance from Ganache Parfums. Freakum Dress Is inspired by the swag and flirty fun adventures of a woman wearing her best freakum dress!

Notes: Cherry Chapstick Accord, Cherry Starburst Martini, Cotton Candy, Love Dust Accord, Candied Violets, Tonka Bean, Red Lipstick Accord, Freakum Musk


100 ml. Lemon Èclair Intense

We took everything you loved about the original and pumped it up to cream a lemon lovers dream.

Imagine the most deliciously tart juicy lemon curd sitting on top of the creamiest most decadent Bavarian cream wrapped inside a of buttery pastry!  

Notes: Lemon curd, Bavarian cream, Meyer lemon zest, buttery puff pastry, fresh baked lemon meringue, white musk.

100 ml. Milkshake Intense 

The cult classic is back but on crack! We amped the banana the banana note and added a creamy whipped cream and sumptuous milk accord. The addition of creamy white florals and warm amber create a delicious concoction that warps you in comfort and sultry luxuriousness

Notes: banana purée, vanilla pod, coconut sorbet, sweet milk, white rum, patchouli, white amber accord 



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