The Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection Discovery Set

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection Discovery Set

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Try all four fragrances in the convenient 30 ml size bottles

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater is the holidays in a bottle! Experience the warmth and comfort of the holiday season with this delightful fragrance. 

 Notes: Danish Butter Cookies, Eggnog, Vanilla Bean, Dark Rum, Amber, Crushed Resins.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Comfort and Joy 

The Delicious Aroma of warm rice pudding and fresh cream. 

Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Cinnamon ,Basmati Rice Absolute, Heliotrope, Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Cream Accord, Sandalwood


Ugly Christmas Sweater Office Party

A deliciously playful fragrance that's sure lift your spirits and delight your senses. 

 Notes: Danish Butter Cookies, Dark Rum, Amber, Espresso, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Musk Accord

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweater Weather

This tantalizingly delicious fragrance is the perfect cuddle up fragrance for the holiday season. The Aroma of fresh from the oven gingerbread cookies , filled with warm hazelnut cream drizzled with warm caramel. 

Notes: Fresh Baked Ginger Bread Accord, Toasted Hazelnuts, Baking Spice Accord , Warm Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean Accord