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Ganache Parfums

Sweet Shoppe Discovery Flight Set

Sweet Shoppe Discovery Flight Set

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Can't Decided? Why not try them all? We put together this discovery set with all of our new fragrances so can them or give them to a friend as the perfect gift!

This discovery set is available in two sizes :


Four 15ml size bottles. (2.0 ml./60 oz total)

Four 30 ml size bottles. (120 ml/4.058 fl. oz.)


 Each set contains one of each other following fragrances:


Notes. pink bubblegum accord, jasmine absolute, pink lotus absolute, tuberose absolute, vanilla musk accord.

Notes pineapple, peach, passionfruit,  ylang ylang, coconut , amber. musk

 Ginger Ale

Notes: Carbonated Water Accord, Fresh Ground Ginger Accord, Sugared Musk Accord


 Orange Crème

Notes: orange flower absolute, blood orange , petitgrain, vanilla bean absolute, vanilla waffle cone accord, musk

 Rainbow Sherbet

Notes: lime sherbet accord, raspberry sherbet accord, pineapple accord, sugar waffle cone accord, amber musk, .


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