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Sweet Treats Preview Special Discovery Flight Set

Sweet Treats Preview Special Discovery Flight Set

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This collection was created for and by all of the people who took the time to write and express their fragrance wishes!

It took quite a while but I combed through every email, every IM, Every DM and every comment. I tallied up all of the request and  created the sweet treats collection based on customer request!


Island Punch: I  received over 100 request asking for a fruit punch fragrance. To everyone who requested this scent this is for you! 

Scent notes: Cherry, melon, orange, pineapple , vanilla , white flowers, coconut , musk, sandalwood

Peach Daiquiri : I received over 200 hundred request asking for a sweet juicy (Not tart, not tangy) peach perfume. For the fans of powerful over ripe juicy peaches this is for you!

Scent Notes: peach purée, lime juice, white rum, white musk

Ginger Ale: Inspired by favorite my drink (besides water) and surprisingly heavily requested by 73 people. 

Scent notes: Red Ginger essential oil, Ginger accord, lime peel oil, lime accord, lemon peel oil, lemon accord, sugar accord, sparkling water accord, aromatic pepper essential oil accord, white musk.

Pistachio Gelato : Honestly I am not a fan of pistachio so I have never tried  the frozen treat. However I have received numerous request for a pistachio perfume that did not include a cherry or almond note. Let me tell you that was not easy to do. I took me 2 years to perfect and in the end I ended up adding real pistachio oil. 

WARNING !!!!!!!! This fragrance contains real pistachio CO2 oil if you are allergic tree nuts please do not use!!!!  

Scent notes: pistachio CO2 oil, pistachio accord, sweet cream accord, waffle cone accord

Berry Lemonade: This my favorite of all the request I have received. I almost did not release because I wanted to keep it for myself, 

Scent notes: natural strawberry isolate, natural raspberry accord, natural citron accord, club soda accord, green leaves, white musk