Starfish & Coffee Handmade Eau de Parfum Spray

Starfish & Coffee Handmade Eau de Parfum Spray

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 Admittedly I'd never heard this song until September 3, 2018. The behind this my sister who coincidentally was a huge prince fan was born the same day. 

But it was friend and co worker Judy (an even bigger prince fan) who introduced me to the song. 

As soon I read the story behind the song I was captivated and when I listened to the song and heard the chords I was hooked. 

And so I said goodbye to one legged Joe and created Starfish and Coffee!


Notes: Sea Salt, black coffee accord,maple syrup accord,strawberry jam accord,  butterscotch marshmallow accord, ripe tangerine accord, smoked ham accord, 80's funk accord.