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Intense Collection Deluxe Discovery Set

Intense Collection Deluxe Discovery Set

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Can't Decided? Why not try them all? We put together this discovery set with all of our new fragrances so can them or give them to a friend as the perfect gift! But it get's better 10% of the profits from this discovery set will be donated to help transitional youth.  The discovery set includes 50 ml of the following fragrances 

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50 ml.  Gourmand Vanilla Intense

Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Butter Cookie Accord, Crushed Amber, Caramel Apple, Warm Musk

 A decadent buttery vanilla  perfume confection made even more tantalizingly delicious with sensuous caramel apple accord. 

50 ml. Vanilla Custard Intense

Vanilla custard is back but this time we intensified the vanilla and creamy musk to create a more grown up silage. 

Notes: Whipped Cream Accord, Fresh Milk Accord, Vanilla Absolute, Butter CO2, Dark Rum, Warm Caramel, Tonka Bean, Wood Pulp Accord, Musk

50 ml.  Warm Vanilla Intense

Warm Vanilla Intense explores the comforting, smooth side of vanilla. but  in this version we amped up the plum and added warm amber to give this fragrance a smoother sultry dry down. 

Notes: Plum Accord, Moonshine Accord, Vanilla Bean Accord, Cardamom Absolute, Incense, Wood Pulp Accord

50 ml. 100 % Pure Love Intense

Chocolate Orange Goodness infused with extra bitter dark chocolate, sun warmed amber resin and candied patchouli.

Notes: Cocoa Powder, Orange Blossom Absolute,  Tangerine Mousse,  Orange Zest, Dark Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Accord, Warm Amber, Patchouli 

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