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Ganache Parfums

Gold Rush Handmade Eau de Parfum Spray

Gold Rush Handmade Eau de Parfum Spray

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 Gold Rush- Inspired by plump ripe beautiful California Figs

I am fascinated by figs. I am mesmerized by how the bright green fruit turns into the most deep vibrant purple and honeyed brown hue. So I wanted to create a fragrance that capture the beauty and mystery of the fig.

I to keep this fragrance affordable I used a synthetic fig fragrance oil as the base and used  real true oud, patchouli, tuberose and green tea absolutes to add complexity. 

Gold Rush starts out vibrant, green and fresh and gradually unravels unto a deep, honeyed incensed fragrance. 

Notes: ripe green fig accord, white floral tea accord, ripe fig accord, damp earth accord

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