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Ganache Parfums

Joe Project Flash Sale Flight Set

Joe Project Flash Sale Flight Set

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 Daddy Joe

Daddy Joe is a nod to hipster dads, extra tall lattes and hookah bars. It's sexy in a bottle.

Daddy Joe features notes  of spiced tobacco, fresh ground coffee, sandalwood and warm sugar

Mama Joe

Mama Joe is a nod to soccer moms' lattes and busy people with busy lives. It's a smooth mellow coffee vibe with a wink. 

Mama Joe features notes of bitter espresso, warm cardamon, steamed milk, dark chocolate and amber.

 Original Joe

Black coffee with just a touch of sugar. This is the original sweeter pure black version.

Joe features notes of roasted coffee beans, sugar , dark chocolate  and amber.

 Rocket Joe 

Rocket Joe is a celebration of fall season sweater weather and the rise of pumpkin spice.

Rocket Joe features notes of espresso beans, warm cinnamon buns, pumpkin spice accord and musk

 Starfish & Coffee

Notes: Sea Salt, black coffee accord, maple syrup accord, strawberry jam accord,  butterscotch marshmallow accord, ripe tangerine accord, smoked ham accord, 80's funk accord.
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