Enigma Collection 30 Ml Extrait De Parfum Gift Set

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KLOK (Que Lo Que) is an aromatic fruity gourmand that is comfortable and familiar yet mysterious. Notes of ripe tropical fruit, night bloom florals and exotic spices give makes this fragrance uniquely unisex and captivating. 

 K S (Que ES?) is the essence of an aroma that calls to mind warm memories. It is enticing and familiar. In an instant the fragrance unlocks happy feelings and your stimulates your brain! It leaves you saying I know this scent but what is it?

Pregunta Is the fragrance of Anticipation! It's the moment of climax right before the twist is reveled. 

Vainas It's everything and it's nothing! It's the fragrance the fits all occasions and all things. But Does smell like you ask? Que Vainas !

No SE Que ES! Some call it Swag! Some call Flavor! When you just have that vibe. That certain je ne sais quoi! That is idea behind this fragrance! I could tell what's in it pero  no se que es?