Discovery Flight Set

Discovery Flight Set

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  Sample the entire collection in a conveniently portable 2ml size

100% Pure Love-  100% Pure Love- Notes:Cocoa powder, orange blossom, tangerine mousse, orange zest, dark  chocolate dipped marshmallow accord, Incense.

Groove is in the Heart- Notes: Tingly mint, magic herbs, hippie tonic, wooden beads, dried meadow grass, cocoa pod accord

Juicy Gotcha Krazy – Notes: Pomegranate, dark chocolate, resin-soaked patchouli

Mr. Groove- Notes: Cardamom, hazelnut, nutmeg, ginger,80’s funk accord, cocoa powder

Nuttin But Love- Notes: Banana puree, caramel, nutmeg, vintage perfume, milk chocolate

Shake it! (Do The 61st)-  Notes: black cherry, blueberry, cognac, dark chocolate, musk