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Ganache Parfums

Deluxe Collection Discovery Set

Deluxe Collection Discovery Set

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Can't Decided? Why not try them all? We put together this discovery set with all of our new fragrances so can them or give them to a friend as the perfect gift! But it get's better 100% of the profits from this discovery set will be donated to help transitional youth.  The discovery set includes 2.5 ml of the following fragrances. 

*Macaron Colors are chosen at random

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Niche Inspired Collection:

2.5 ml  Lavender Blue 

Lavender is the star and major player of this show! The addition of vanilla, benzoin, and immortelle smooth out the camphorous notes. If you like delicious powdery fragrances this one is a must try! 

Notes: Lavender Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Lavender Hydrosol, Benzoin, Marshmallow  Fluff Accord, Orris Absolute, Sandalwood, Immortelle

2.5 ml. Miel 

If you like bold clean scents this one is for you. 

Notes :Raw Honeycomb, Cistus, Labdanum, Benzoin, Incense, Golden Honey Accord, Magnolia, Black Musk.

2.5 ml.  Patch Heaux 

Gourmand patchouli for the patchouli lover.

Notes: Orange Blossom Absolute, Blood Orange, Tangerine , Cocoa CO2, Dark  Chocolate. Orange Flower Hydrosol, Patchouli Absolute, Dark Patchouli, Benzoin Resin, Oud 

2.5 ml. Rosé 

Rosé is a fragrance is that takes you on a journey and unravels  like a mystery over time on the skin. 

Notes: Moroccan Rose Absolute, Rose De Mai,  Turkish Rose Absolute , Rose Accord , Saffron Absolute, Saffron Tincture, Marshmallow Accord, Black Currant Absolute, Amber

 Lushious  Summer Collection:

2.5 ml Lushious Banana

The deliciously creamy fragrance that packs a punch!

Notes: Ripe banana purée accord, vanilla bean accord, coconut milk accord, milk accord, white floral accord ,White Rum Accord, white musk, whipped cream accord. 


2.5 ml. Lushious Coconut 

Sweet coconut cream and vibrant coconut water are enhanced elevated by overripe juicy peaches soaked and fine cognac. The addition of davana, tuberose and osmanthus create a hauntingly beautiful silage that captivates the senses.

Notes: Coconut Cream Accord, Coconut Water Accord, Natural Peach Accord, White Peach Accord, White and Green Cognac Absolute, Davana Essential Oil, Tuberose, Osmanthus, Rum Accord

2.5 ml Lushious Ginger 

A playful fun and sexy take on the classic ginger ale. 

The fragrance opens with a playful accord of over carbonated sparkling water and joyful citrus that give way to sumptuous ginger, aromatic green pepper and warm amber creating an alluring aroma that's impossible to resist 

Notes: Carbonated Water Accord, Citron Accord, Fresh Ground Ginger Accord, Golden Amber Accord, Nutmeg, Warm Musk

2.5 ml Lushious Pineapple 

Aromatic tangy pineapple, Juicy Lime, Cognac, sensual musk.

Notes: Pineapple Sorbet, Agave Nectar, Lime Zest, Coganc Accord, Gin Accord, White Musk
Summer Berry Festival:

2.5 ml Blackberry Molasses 

Inspired by summer sweet summer memories and happy times.

Notes: Blackberry Accord, Sage, Pomelo, Wood Accord, Bay Rum.

2.5 ml Blueberry Hill 

Don't let the notes fool you! This fragrance is surprisingly fresh. Blueberry Hill Opens up with a blast of sweet juicy blueberries and heady tuberose with a dry down of clean air and intoxicating woody floral notes. 

Notes: Sugared Blueberries, Tuberose, Hedione, White Musk, Karma Wood.

2.5 ml. Dark Berry 

A deep seductive blend of tart red berries, exotic spices and balsamic vanilla'

Notes: Red Berry Accord, Sweet Cream Accord, Rhubarb, Vanilla Bean Absolute


2.5 ml Sugar Berry 

A fragrance for the true berry lover. Sugar berry is true to it's name plump succulent summer berries dipped in sugar and cover in warm vanilla cream

Notes: Strawberry Accord, BlackBerry Accord, Blueberry Accord, Raspberry Accord. Sugar water Accord, Warm Vanilla Cream Accord. 



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