Lushious Collection Deluxe Disvovery Set

Lushious Collection Deluxe Disvovery Set

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Inspired by decadence and indulgence the lushious collection is designed to capture the spirit of drunken times and seduction. 


Lushious Cherry: 

This fragrance starts out sweet and innocent as a virgin on prom night and dries down to the fervours nature of a hoe at a bachelor party but in a good way. 

Notes: dark chocolate accord, cocoa CO2, cherry liqueur accord, spiced tobacco accord, white cognac absolute, Damask rose absolute, amber accord

Lushious Iced Tea:

Created as an ode to the 90s, college dorm days and hotel parties. This fragrances is the essences of good times, delicious cocktails and one too many sprays of Drakkar Noir!

Notes: Whiskey, Oak co2, chilled vodka accord, cognac absolute, vanilla absolute, 90's musk accord

Lushious Peach:

Overripe juicy peaches soaked in fine cognac weave a tapestry of mystery and desire, while notes of davana, tuberose and osmanthus create a hauntingly beautiful sillage that captivates the senses.

Notes: Natural Peach accord, white peach accord, white and green cognac absolute, davana essential oil, tuberose, osmanthus, rum accord

Lushious Rose:

Velvety scarlet rose petals and crisp white rose petals are infused with barrel aged rich cognac , vanilla sugar and pungent cannabis.    

Notes: Rose Liqueur Accord, White Rose Otto, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Cannabis, French Cognac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Vanilla Sugar Accord, Cedarwood

Lushious Tobacco:

Earthy tobacco leaves and eastern spices are mellowed by notes of fragrant brandy, aged leather and woody cedar create a fragrance that is alluring, comforting and confident. 

Notes: Tobacco absolute, tobacco accord, brandy accord, leather accord, honey, atlas cedar, sandalwood.