Update on Order Processing Times

Current orders are being Shipped out. Orders 3674-3780 were packed and delivered to the Shipping Center on Sunday , October 12, 2021. Please keep in mind Monday, October 14 , 2021 was a postal USPS holiday so these packages were not delivered to the post office until Tuesday, October 12, 2021 so it might take a few days for the tracking to update, however these packages are in route to customers.  


As stated on the website these orders are all being created fresh to order at the time of purchase so shipping times can take up to 16 business days to process. 

This means if you ordered on September 28, 2021 it could take up to October 28, 2021 before the order is delivered to the post office and the tracking updates. 


All current orders are up to date and shipped within the time frame promised.