Join us in our vision of making the world a better place; one youth at a time.

Help us reach our goal of giving 30,000 dollars

To date, we have given 10,000 dollars and over 500 volunteer hours to agencies and to Transitional Age Youth.



Having lived in two different groups and homes while growing up, I am all too familiar with the challenges and limitations of our social welfare systems. Fortunately, even though I was emancipated at seventeen , I was fortunate to have an Orange County education and family support. So, I was able to avoid a lot of the pitfalls many foster youth fall into.

Tragically, many youths in the foster care system find themselves  suddenly become adults and sent off into the world a product of a broken system that leaves them with little support and  ill-prepared to navigate the real world and adult situations.


It is my personal mission to change this narrative and create a positive impact around helping these youths to change and realize their full potentials and achieve their dreams.


For this reason, 10% of every product we sell goes to improving the lives of transitional age youth.

Ganache Parfums is impacting the lives of foster youth in the following ways:

We give our time: Every staff member at Ganache Parfums volunteers 15 hours a month to mentor a transitional age youth in our local community.   

We give our money: 10% of every product we sell goes directly to improving the lives of transitional age youth by providing assistance with security deposits, furniture and consumables for homeless youth moving into permanent housing.


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