Just The F.A.Q.s

I’ve Got Shipping Questions:






Do you Ship internationally shipping?   We do ship internationally via usps first class mail. International shipping generally takes between 5-14 days after your order has shipped. 




What is the price for Shipping??  There is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee within the United States. All packages ship via USPS ground.  International shipping is based on current USPS first class International prices and the package weight. Shipping is free on all orders over 100.00 USD.




Do you require a signature at delivery?  We do not require a signature at delivery.  However, please keep in mind that is up to the Delivery Person's individual judgment as to whether it is safe to leave the package. If you would like your package shipped signature required please let me know in the comments section. Please be advised there is $ 4.00 fee for this service.






When will my order ship?



All of my products are handmade just for you at the time your order is placed so depending on the complexity of the scent you order it could take 2-16 business days for your order to leave the workshop. 




I've Got Payment Questions:






Are payments on your site secure?  Yes, payments are made through a secure SSL site and your data is encrypted.






Can I pay by PayPal or credit card?  Yes, the shopping cart can accept PayPal payment or credit card payments.




Can I send a Money Order?  Yes, you can send an email to jarek@ganacheparfums.net to arrange to pay via postal money order. Personal checks are also accepted, but you need to wait for them to clear the bank. Money orders can be cashed upon arrival so your package can be shipped immediately.


Can I return my order if it doesn't work for me? 

Fragrances are considered personal care items, so we are unable to process returns. If you are unsure which fragrances you will enjoy, please consider ordering one of our sample flight sets.



Sometimes the shipping process can be a female dog! So If something should leak or get damaged in transit, please contact us as soon as you receive so I can make it right. 


If, for some reason, your product arrives broken or damaged, please contact us through the contact us form on the bottom of our homepage and we can make arrangements. Please include your order number within the email

Defective merchandise will be replaced for the exact same item as long as we are notified of the defect within 24 hours of your delivery.  All defective claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt of merchandise for a replacement. Please email Jarek@ganacheparfums.net to report the defect. Defective merchandise must be returned in its original packaging. We cannot accept unauthorized returns.. 

Ganache Parfums 
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I only use high-quality cosmetic-grade oils that are skin safe, but occasionally people can have sensitivities to certain fragrance ingredients. I also use a lot of natural essentials oils and the thing about oils is people can have allergies or reactions to certain materials, for this reason, I never use natural oils that are known to cause allergic reactions such as oakmoss and nut oils in effort to make my fragrances available for as many people as possible to enjoy. That said if you should develop any skin reaction; please discontinue use of the product. This rarely occurs but it needs to be stated because well, knowledge is power, and my legal advisor said I have too. (so, it’s really like feeding to birds, with one seed) And now for more legal stuff; Please keep these products out of reach of small children and pets. Ganache Parfums is not responsible for any damages associated with the use or misuse of the products. All Ganache Parfums products are meant for external use only. Ganache Parfums products are made and packed in a non-smoking, pet-free environment, (unless you consider peeves as a pet.)







Do you charge sales tax? Unfortunately, California makes me charge sales tax to all California customers.






Do you give free samples with orders? 




Yes we do include free samples with every order




I’ve Got Product Questions:






What type "base" or "carrier" do you use? 



All of our spray perfume use a proprietary blend of perfumer's alcohol and skin softening oils

We also use a proprietary blend for perfume oil base. 

We do not use tree nut oils in any of our products





Do your perfumes contain parabens or sunscreens or colorants?  No way Jose! I do, however, use a lot of natural essential and tinctures in my products so the slight color variations come from the natural color of the essential oils used.






Do you use only natural fragrance ingredients?  No, I do use natural essential oils and absolutes in every fragrance I design. I depend heavily on natural essential oils and absolutes to give the fragrances layers and interest. I also use high-quality synthetic aroma ingredients.



The truth about natural ingredients is that natural isn’t always better. For example, some essential oils can only be used in restricted amounts which are the case with citrus oils and oakmoss. Other natural oils such as almond, peanut, and other nut oils could be downright deadly if used by someone with allergies.  Any fragrance we carry that uses any of these restricted oils will always contain a mixture of natural and synthetic compounds, with the exception of the nuts oils in which case I always use synthetic oils.



Another issue with natural oils is that sometimes you have to take extreme and cruel measures to extract the oil such as with musk, civet, and castoreum. In this case, I always use synthetic products and I never use nitro musk.



Also, natural oils can be limited since some plants such as cherry blossom and peach release their aroma in the form of a gas, making it impossible to harvest the oil for perfume use.









Do you use animal ingredients or are your products vegan? Do you test on animals? 



All of my products are tested on friends, family and other kindly people who volunteer. I never use animal musk, civet, or castoreum, whenever these notes are listed in the fragrance notes they are always synthetic. I do have a few fragrances use animal derived ingredients such as beach found ambergris and beeswax absolute. Whenever these notes are used they are always listed in the notes.






I'd like to get a scent that used to be on the list but isn't listed right now -- is that possible? 



If you don’t see your favorite scent listed don’t lose heart it may still be available if you are looking for something you don’t see listed on the site just send me and email @ jarek@ganacheparfums.net