About us

Unapologetically Gourmand

Here at Ganache Parfums we take our gourmand fragrances seriously. We are unapologetically Gourmand and proud!

In my 20 plus years as a perfumer and fragrance aficionado, I have discovered that nothing can spark fond memories and create powerful connections faster than a good gourmand fragrance.  I am always in awe of how the pleasantly sweet aroma of a gourmand fragrance can create an atmosphere of comfort and instantly become a conversation starter.

So, armed with this knowledge, I set out to create a company focused on offering high quality gourmand perfumes that are complex enough to be sumptuously and decadently delicious works of art and yet still simple enough to combined with other fragrances in the house to create new and unique confectionery gourmand creations.  

All of our fragrances are handmade in small batches using time tested artisan techniques here at our studio in Berkeley Ca.


If you can’t enough gourmands, you have found your home!