The Joe Project

To me one of life's simple pleasures is the aroma of freshly ground , fresh brewed coffee. 

Fun fact: Every room in my apartment has at least two or three coffee scented. I am so obsessed with the aroma of coffee that I have designed a different coffee scented candle specifically for each room. From the lavender and chamomile coffee candle in my bed room to the coffee, sweet cream and honey candle in my kitchen. 

I get so many request from friends and neighbors to offer these candles as perfumes or candles on my website that I thought about selling them. However, considering these are highly personal fragrances that took me months to develop, I wasn't about to share those.  

I did however think about how versatile coffee is and the many other coffee lovers out there and so my obsession with coffee grew even deeper. 

And that is the Joe project was birthed. Four original fragrances each highlighting a different nuance of coffee from the bitter to the sweet. 


I hope you enjoy the Joe Collection!