Gold Label Collection

The Gold label collection was created as a challenge to create beautiful and apologetically gourmand collection at a price that wont brake the bank. 


Bon Vivant :A celebration of all things comfort and warmth. Bon Vivant celebrates the beautifully simple tonka bean. 

Notes: tonka bean, spiced rum, crushed vanilla bean accord, white musk

Delectation: Inspired by my love of caramel 

Notes: Sweet milk accord,bourbon accord, melted butter accord,brown sugar, vanilla bean paste, warm pastry accord, sea salt, sandalwood

Gold Rush: Inspired by plump ripe beautiful California Figs

Notes: ripe green fig accord, white floral tea accord, ripe fig accord, damp earth accord

Lush Life: Inspired by Chocolate Martinis and insouciant buoyancy

Notes: chilled vodka, spiced rum accord, cocoa absolute,chocolate liquor, bistro floral accord, ambroxan, sandalwood.