Sweet Treats Collection

Island Punch: I  received over 100 request asking for a fruit punch fragrance. To everyone who requested this scent this is for you! 

Scent notes: Cherry, melon, orange, pineapple , vanilla , white flowers, coconut , musk, sandalwood

Peach Daiquiri : I received over 200 hundred request asking for a sweet juicy (Not tart, not tangy) peach perfume. For the fans of powerful over ripe juicy peaches this is for you!

Scent Notes: peach purée, lime juice, white rum, white musk

Ginger Ale: Inspired by favorite my drink (besides water) and surprisingly heavily requested by 73 people. 

Scent notes: Red Ginger essential oil, Ginger accord, lime peel oil, lime accord, lemon peel oil, lemon accord, sugar accord, sparkling water accord, aromatic pepper essential oil accord, white musk.

Pistachio Gelato : Honestly I am not a fan of pistachio so I have never tried  the frozen treat. However I have received numerous request for a pistachio perfume that did not include a cherry or almond note. Let me tell you that was not easy to do. I took me 2 years to perfect and in the end I ended up adding real pistachio oil. 

WARNING !!!!!!!! This fragrance contains real pistachio CO2 oil if you are allergic tree nuts please do not use!!!!  

Scent notes: pistachio CO2 oil, pistachio accord, sweet cream accord, waffle cone accord

Strawberry Sherbet: This is the number one request I get! Well bring back strawberry panacotta is the number one request but Strawberry Ice cream is the second request so for all of you who asked this is for you! 

Scent notes: natural strawberry isolate, strawberry accord, lime essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, waffle cone accord, vanilla bean accord, benzion

Orange Ganache: Only 20 bottles in stock

If ever there was a fragrance that was a challenge this was the one! Creating a chocolate orange perfume that did not smell synthetic and lasted longer than 30 minutes on the skin nearly took a vat of blessed oil and team of praying wives! 

Notes: blood orange oil, bitter orange oil, Mandarin orange accord, chili extract, cocoa co2, cocoa absolute, dark chocolate accord, sweet resin accord

This Fragrance is super complex to make and has to be made fresh so I am limiting this one to pre orders and special orders only. 

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