Purple Label

Inspired by the ritual of afternoon tea. Each of these fragrances were designed to capture the spirit of tea rituals and high tea in the afternoon. 

Fern Mayo: Inspired the classic insouciant air afternoon tea. Fern Mayo aka Vylette is a nod to violet candies of old with a modern twist.

Notes: Ground Jawbreakers, Crushed Violets. 

High Tea: Inspired by the aromatic experience of freshly brewed tea and fresh baked pastries. High Tea is potent sophisticated and apologetically gourmand.

Notes: Black tea, toasted almonds, white patchouli, butter cookies, white musk (This fragrance contains synthetic almond essence)

Pearl Grey: Admittedly not my most creative name. Pearl Grey is inspired by my favorite tea experience of all Aromatic Earl Grey.   

Notes: Aromatic earl grey tea, dried lavender buds, steamed milk

Whipped: Was created to replicate the exotic and often overlooked sensuous side of the tea rituals.

Notes: Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Heliotrope, musk, temple incense 

Southern Tea Kakes: Was created from my childhood memory of my aunt baking tea cakes and wonderful aroma that filled house. 

Notes: Almond cookies accord, French macaron accord, spiced floral accord, white tea accord, tobacco accord.