Natural Collection

It took quite a bit of time but the 100% natural gourmand collection is finally here! 

six new fragrances made with 100% natural ingredients. 

The Bees Knees- The delicious aroma for raw fresh from the tap. Notes:honey extract, bees wax absolute, natural white floral accord, natural summer fruit accord ,almond  vanilla.

WARNING this fragrance contain's natural almond oil if you have allergies please do not purchase.

Piña-If you like piña colada this is sure to delight! Notes: juicy pineapple  and creamy coconut infused with rum and soft musk (plant based). 

Strawberry Panna Cotta- just like the original on this is made with 100% natural ingredients. Notes: natural strawberry accord, lime essence, natural rum accord, natural vanilla accord, tonka bean.

Iced Coffee- Fragrance black coffee infused with sweet cream and spices! This fragrance is sexy and seductive. Notes: chai spice, coffee, coconut pulp, vanilla, patchouli, natural sandalwood accord.

Adorn- Oh why would call this fragrance Adorn? Because it's a peach! Notes; summer peach, natural white floral accord, citron accord, vanilla

Berry Lemonade- Just like the original but this time its 100% natural. Notes: natural strawberry isolate, natural raspberry accord, natural citron accord, rose absolute, white musk (plant based)