Ice Cream Castle in the Summer Collection

We hope you fall in with love this summertime our Ice Cream Castle Collection. 

Inspired by summer treats and my sisters favorite song!

Ice Cream Shoppe: Our interpretation of the magical experience of walking into an old-fashioned Ice cream shoppe and having your senses go into confectionery overload.

Notes: Waffle Cone, sweet cream, vanilla beans, caramel, benzoin, labdanum, tonka bean, amber, musk.

Neapolitan Edition: Treat your nose to the delectable aroma of creamy vanilla bean ice, decadent dark chocolate mousse and tart ripe strawberries and buttery waffle cone. 

Scent notes: natural strawberry isolate, strawberry accord, vanilla bean accord, dark chocolate  waffle cone accord, vanilla bean accord, sugar musk. 

Pistachio Gelato: Roasted Pistachio and creamy vanilla goodness

WARNING !!!!!!!! This fragrance contains real pistachio CO2 oil if you are allergic tree nuts please do not use!!!!  

Scent notes: pistachio CO2 oil, pistachio accord, sweet cream accord, waffle cone accord

Rainbow Sorbet: If Summer had a scent-track this would most definitely be on the 10 smell list. 

Notes: raspberry puree accord, orange pulp, ripe pineapple accord, wooden bowl accord. 

Strawberry Sherbet: Fresh ripe strawberries, buttery waffle cone and a touch of musk!

Scent notes: natural strawberry isolate, strawberry accord, lime essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, waffle cone accord, vanilla bean accord, benzion


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