Truffle Shuffle Collection


100 % Pure Love- It past midnight…. This fragrance draws it inspiration from passion and desire! It starts out as sweet as loves first kiss and slowing lures you into a blaze of desire.

Notes: Cocoa powder, orange blossom, tangerine mousse, orange zest, dark chocolate dipped marshmallow Accord, Incense.

Groove is in the Heart- The chills that you spill up my back.

Inspired by the indescribable feeling of falling in love and that euphoric lovers high.

Notes: Tingly mint, magic herbs, hippie tonic, wooden beads, dried meadow grass, cocoa pod accord

Juicy Gotcha Krazy – Cold going mad! When love draws you in has you on the hook!

Decadent Dark chocolate and juicy red fruit cast a spell that allures you sense and won’t let go!

Notes: Pomegranate, dark chocolate, resin-soaked patchouli

Mr. Groove- Inspired by uncomplicated and simple love. When you in love’s grove and you know it.

Notes: Cardamom, hazelnut, nutmeg, ginger,80’s funk accord, cocoa powder

Nuttin But Love-  I'm not your H-E-R-B, but I'm your H-E-A-V-Y dash-D

Inspired by loving yourself and knowing you value! Nutting But Love is deliciously daring, delectable and confident.

Notes: Banana puree, caramel, nutmeg, vintage perfume, milk chocolate