Lushious Collection

The Lushious collection was inspired by decadence and my fascination with the sauce. These fragrances were designed to wrap you in apologetically gourmand  luxury. 

Cocoa Lush: Creamy milk chocolate mousse covered in dark cocoa powder and soaked in liqueur and charred woods. 

Notes: cocoa accord, spice accord, rum accord, cognac accord, wood accord, tobacco accord


 Café Lush: Rich coffee and cream truffle with a touch of woods and spices

Notes: Vanilla bean Accord, Aromatic Spice accord, Coffee Accord, Coffee Absolute, Dried Wood Accord, White Musk Accord. 

P.Lush: Juicy peaches soaked in brandy create a delectable sensual  fragrance that is mouth wateringly sexy.

Notes: Juicy peach liqueur, candied violets, vanilla rum, incense

Cherrylushious: Dark Chocolate and tart black cherries

Notes: Bittersweet chocolate, maraschino cherry, amaretto liqueur, tobacco, woods

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