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Coming clean about closing down

I want to take a moment to apologize for the confusing and mixed messages. Are we open? Are we closed? Now we’re open. Wait they’re closing? What is going on.   The answer is we are closing. I recently discovered I have a few health issues and while it’s nothing too serious. However, it’s serious enough that I need to take a little break and focus on getting my health back in order.   This was a very difficult decision to make. I have met some truly great people and had some great experiences along this ride. However, things have grown faster than I could have imagined and trying to keep up with the growing demand, shipping nightmares and quality control,...

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What's Happening With Ganache ?

First you say you're taking a break! Then you say you're not taking a break! What is going on? Allow me to explain. We did plan to take a break while we moved to a larger work studio and worked on new products and conquering a few back office duties. But then I received over 200 hundred emails asking me why we were closing and requesting to purchase fragrances.  I tried responding to each and every email personally but in the end, I was so overwhelmed it was just easier to reopen the shop.  From the start I wanted Ganache to be a customer driven company and so we are back on a limited basis by customer request.  Now you...

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