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It's Time to Say Goodbye for the Summer

 Thank you everyone for positive vibes and good health wishes! I have decided not to close down Ganache Parfums for good! And I still have a very long road to complete recovery. So, I have decided to close the store from July 1, 2019 to September (Not sure what date in September as of yet but I will return) I am most grateful for all of your kind emails and understanding! Honestly, your encouragement and support means a lot to me!   I will continue to post blogs and send updates through the monthly newsletter however the store will not be open during this time.

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The Truth Behind the Last Collection!

As some of you may know, I have decided to downsize our fragrance library. This was not a not an easy decision and truthfully speaking the number two complaint I get is that I have too many fragrances and not enough diversity between the fragrances. Part of the reason I have so many fragrances is because when inspiration strikes me, one perfume quickly turns into upwards of seven ideas and pow a collection is born. At the same time, I really do read every message and note, and I make every effort to apply that feedback.  So, The Ice Cream Castle in the Summer is the last collection from Ganache. Going forward I will release fragrances one at a time...

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March Madness and April Flowers

  This past month has been a roller coaster of events and emotions. If I am being totally honest with myself this is one of those situations where I told myself that after closing Ganache Parfums I would reopen someday. But the reality was this was the end.   I was not prepared for the over whelming amount of emails and messages I received encouraging me to keep going and the even more overwhelming (In a good way) amount of orders coming in. I am still humbled and amazed at the kindness and support of the fragrance community! And because of this support and feedback I have decided to keep Ganache Parfums open but with a few major changes.  ...

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