Why is the store reopen?

I know I said the store will never reopen, but what had happen was, I planned to launch a limited edition Ganache Collection as part of the Kophē  grand reopening. However, my bottles got delayed portside yet again!

At this point I have delayed the grand opening of Kophē Fragrances 7 times while waiting on these bottles so I thought at this point I really need to offer people something. So I am releasing the last of the Ganache Classic collection stock I have on hand. 

I know it's not the new fragrances I promised. I guarantee you the new fragrances are so different from what you might expect and so different from what you are used to and well worth waiting for.  You won't be disappointed. I am hoping to get the new bottles in early this week. 


In the meantime I have discounted the last of the Ganache Parfums stock and maybe raise a little money for charity. All profit from this sale will be donated to charities serving youth at risk.


All orders placed before March 25, 2022, will ship March28, 2022

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