Why Does My Order Take So Long

As some of you may know we make all our products fresh to order. I loved the idea of being able to create each bottle of perfume individually for every customer. And while this model is a true labor of love at 10-30 orders a month. When you reach 10-30 orders in a day, blending each fragrance, pouring each fragrance and hand labeling every bottle, quickly becomes a stressful, seemingly never-ending beast that screams kill it with fire now!   Couple that with the fact that due to this new Covid-19 world, I was down to a staff of just one person, me. And you end up with a business model that takes 3 weeks to fulfill orders.  So, even though I love the custom made to order idea, it is time to make some changes! The biggest of which beginning March 1, 2021. All fragrances will be pre-made and all orders will ship with in 48 hours. Except of course on Sundays and Holidays when the post office is closed!



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