What's Next For Ganache

The number one question I get asked these days is, is Ganache really closing down and the answer is yes. However, the final closure date has changed from October 31, 2021 to December 4, 2021. I did this to clear out inventory and to give people one last chance to grab their favorite fragrance. 

To help ease any confusion I am listing a time line of the final days below. 


 November 22-November 25, 2021 

30% off All Fragrances and Discovery sets.

I am releasing the last of the 60  ml bottles and also a few 100 ml bottles. These perfumes were all ready to ship and will ship out right away. For the best quality product, I would advise allowing the fragrances to mature for an additional 10-14 days . There will be no pre-orders available during this time, although new fragrances may be added daily. 


I have three discovery sets that will be available this week; The Rhythm and Blues Collection, The Lushious Collection and The Ugly Holiday Sweater Collection. There are limited quantities available for each discovery set. 


November 26-December 4, 2021 All 30 ml fragrances buy 2 get one free.

All fragrances available during this time are ready to ship. There will be very limited quantities available and not all fragrances will be available. Preorders will not be available during this time. I do know that unfortunately none of the fragrances from the Rhythm and Blues Collection and  Lushious Collection will be available during this time 


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