What's Happening With Ganache ?

What's Happening With Ganache ?

First you say you're taking a break! Then you say you're not taking a break! What is going on?

Allow me to explain. We did plan to take a break while we moved to a larger work studio and worked on new products and conquering a few back office duties. But then I received over 200 hundred emails asking me why we were closing and requesting to purchase fragrances. 

I tried responding to each and every email personally but in the end, I was so overwhelmed it was just easier to reopen the shop. 

From the start I wanted Ganache to be a customer driven company and so we are back on a limited basis by customer request. 

Now you maybe asking. What does back on a limited basis mean?

So allow me to explain.  

  • We will continue to sell our original fragrances until the supplies run out at which point those fragrances will be gone for good. 
  • We have two new collections being released over the Summer. The purple label, available for preview until 4/25/18 with an offical release of May 15,2018 and the limited edition Summer Collection being released 6/5/2018
  • All other new products/releases will be pushed back until late September/Early October of this year. 
  • During the months of April and May all new orders placed Saturday through Tuesday will ship out on Wednesdays and all new orders placed Wednesday- Friday will ship out Saturday. 

I hope this clears things up we really do listen when you speak!

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Just wanted to say I’m eagerly awaiting the return of products this Sept!


So we can expect more in future? Say yes please:)

Joy Caudo

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