We're ending international shipping to Russia for now

We're ending international shipping to Russia for now

Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone in Russia who has supported me. I have enjoyed getting to know you and sharing my passion with you. I have met some of the most amazing and kind people. I was even inspired to begin working on a Russian Tea inspired collection.

  As much as I would love to continue shipping directly to Russia, it pains me to announce that February will be my last month shipping direct to Russia. This was a not decision I made but rather this decision was made for me.

 Unfortunately, during the month of January every package I attempted to ship to Russia was rejected by customs and returned to me. This caused an issue where I had ship packages multiple time before the could be successfully delivered.  I will continue to accept and ship orders directly to Russia through the end of the February using an alternate shipping account but unfortunately, I will have to stop shipping directly after the end of this month until I can correct the issue..

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