We asked you answered! The surprising results of our fragrance survey.

We asked you answered! The surprising results of our fragrance survey.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. I have tallied up all of the answers and the results were quite surprising. There were 7 clear winning fragrances 

#1 Arroz Con Leche (discontinued)

#2 Chocolate Ganache 

#3 Ice Cream Shoppe 

#4  Lemon Eclair

#5  Starfish & Coffee

#6 Ugly Christmas Sweater (holiday exclusive)

#7 Marshmallow & Vanilla Bean 

#8 Vanilla & Tonka Bean 


The goal was to narrow down the fragrance library to 10 fragrances. However from the results it's looking more like we will only have 5 final fragrances, because two of the fragrances are disqualified from the choices. Find out Why below:


Although Arroz Con Leche got the most votes. The rice absolute I used to make the fragrance is no longer available so sadly unless I am able to source more of the product Arroz Con Leche will not return when we reopen. 


The second fragrance not to make the cut is Ugly Christmas Sweater.  I was surprised by this one because I did not include this fragrances in the choices and people wrote their choice in. The intention behind this fragrance is offer the fragrance as a limited edition during the holiday season Ugly Christmas Sweater will be available again in later October however the packaging will be different this year. 


The five remaining fragrances are being reformulated and will be available when the store reopens in September.   





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