Truffle Shuffle Collection

Truffle Shuffle Collection

Truffle Shuffle Collection


The Truffle Collection is inspired by the very first collection I ever created. Being Single for Valentine’s Day inspired me to revisit this collection. For the 2020 version I pulled inspiration from the romantic sentiments called to mind by a heart shaped box of chocolates and dancing the night away under the stars. I hope you enjoy the Truffle Shuffle collection inspired by rhythm, romance and sensuality.


I tired something a little different with this collection by pre making all of the fragrances and having the perfumes ready to ship as ordered. The good news is all orders placed for this collection will ship the next business day after the order is placed. The bad news is once the collection is sold out the fragrances won’t be available again until March.

The fragrances in the Truffle Shuffle collection are listed below.



100 % Pure Love- It past midnight…. This fragrance draws it inspiration from passion and desire! It starts out as sweet as loves first kiss and slowing lures you into a blaze of desire.

Notes: Cocoa powder, orange blossom, tangerine mousse, orange zest, dark chocolate dipped marshmallow Accord, Incense.

Groove is in the Heart- The chills that you spill up my back.

Inspired by the indescribable feeling of falling in love and that euphoric lovers high.

Notes: Tingly mint, magic herbs, hippie tonic, wooden beads, dried meadow grass, cocoa pod accord

Juicy Gotcha Krazy – Cold going mad! When love draws you in has you on the hook!

Decadent Dark chocolate and juicy red fruit cast a spell that allures you sense and won’t let go!

Notes: Pomegranate, dark chocolate, resin-soaked patchouli

Mr. Groove- Inspired by uncomplicated and simple love. When you in love’s grove and you know it.

Notes: Cardamom, hazelnut, nutmeg, ginger,80’s funk accord, cocoa powder

Nuttin But Love-  I'm not your H-E-R-B, but I'm your H-E-A-V-Y dash-D

Inspired by loving yourself and knowing you value! Nutting But Love is deliciously daring, delectable and confident.

Notes: Banana puree, caramel, nutmeg, vintage perfume, milk chocolate

Shake it! (Do The 61st)- Hold Up Wait a Minute Let Us Put Some BOOM IN IT! Inspired by the playful side of love.

Black cherries represent innocence while dark chocolate and cognac give this a flirtatious grown up vibe.  

Notes: black cherry, blueberry, cognac, dark chocolate, musk





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