This is it!

This is tough blog post to write so I will just get right to the heart of it. Though it was not an easy decision tp make I have decided to close Ganache Parfums ,this time for good. This is not me taking taking a break. This is not me regrouping this is me taking a final bow. 

I honestly appreciate all of the love and support everyone has shown me so this was a very tough decision. The truth is over the last several months I have been using my personal finances to keep Ganache afloat and with the latest issues with stolen packages  and the significant loss I incurred I can no longer justify keeping Ganache Parfums open. 


Again this was not an easy decision however it was the right decision to make. Thank you everyone for all of the love and support you have shown me. Ganache Parfums will close for good 10/31/21


Best Wishes,


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