Taking a Break to Catch up on Orders

Hello Everyone! Thank you all for your love and support. I wanted to take a moment and give everyone an update or orders and what's next.  


I am working very hard to get the last orders out. If you ordered after October 8, 2021 your order will ship out by Wednesday , November 3, 2021. I will keep the website and store front open through the end of January 2021 so people can always contact me about orders. 


I apologize that I was not able to get the final stock release listed on the before October 31. 

The good news is though I found a ton of original formula fragrances and a secret stash of hand painted bottles from a limited edition collection I was planning a few years ago. It looks like I am going to be going out in style with lots of surprises. 


I going to reopen the store November 15, 2021 to release the last of perfume stock items. These will all be 30 ml size bottles and each fragrance will be made in advance so once an item is out of stock it is gone for good. 


I will send and email out with more details Friday, November 5, 2021.



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