Super Secret Summer Collection

Super Secret Summer Collection

Summer is officially here and we have created a special collection just for the occasion. So why go through all that trouble to create a collection and then keep it a secret? The answer is simple exclusivity! 

  When it came to this collection I spared no expense! I cut no cost!  So the only way to keep the same high quality and affordable price was to keep the quantities extremely limited. Therefore I’m only making the collection available to you, my friends. 


The collection is is made up three fragrances: 

Cotton Candy is a delicious cotton candy fragrance with a twist! The addition of sandalwood and orris cut down on the sweetness give the fragrance a alluring, sophisticated, almost sapid quality. 


Juicy Pineapple is a mouth watering fresh squeezed pineapple fragrance. I have gotten quite a few requests from pineapple lovers looking for a for a true pineapple scent. For this fragrance I used 3 different pineapple accords and added ginger, nutmeg and jasmine absolute to exalt the pineapple note. 


Orange Cream:  In creating this fragrance I used seven different types of orange essential oil and true vanilla bean absolute with a touch of natural sandalwood to give the fragrance a lift. 

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