Say Good To leaks! New packing is here!

Say Good To leaks! New packing is here!

New Bottle and bye- bye leaks

 Some of you may have noticed that the new bottles come with a simple black cap and the sprayer is now detached.

The truth is I tried everything to find a cost-effective way to package orders and ship them safely. But no matter how hard I tired the bottles still leaked. So, I in order to keep the prices low and still have the perfumes arrive safely I made a small change.

The new packaging will is a little unexpected at the same time I can confidently say that shipping seepage is now a thing of the past. 

The same package design is going to be true for out discovery sets which beginning in March will no longer come in a spray bottle. I know this not the preferred way to enjoy samples but this simple change will take of the leaking issue.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has may cause anyone. This was the best solution I could find to keep prices down while maintaining quality packaging.

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