March Madness and April Flowers

March Madness and April Flowers


This past month has been a roller coaster of events and emotions. If I am being totally honest with myself this is one of those situations where I told myself that after closing Ganache Parfums I would reopen someday. But the reality was this was the end.


I was not prepared for the over whelming amount of emails and messages I received encouraging me to keep going and the even more overwhelming (In a good way) amount of orders coming in. I am still humbled and amazed at the kindness and support of the fragrance community! And because of this support and feedback I have decided to keep Ganache Parfums open but with a few major changes.


Change number 1

Products will no longer be made fresh to order.

 I wanted to give people the freshest possible product available so every time and order was placed I would create the fragrance for the customer fresh. I really loved the idea of creating each product just for the customer. And while this practice did afford me greater flexibility around special request, i.e. custom labels, no ambroxan, lighter fragrance, heavier fragrance etc. After making nearly 3,000 bottles of perfume in 45 days I realized this practice is insane and people don’t like it because it takes so much longer to ship out their order.


So going forward I will pre make all the perfumes and have them available to ship the same day and once they have sold out they will become unavailable until I can replenish the stock.


Change Number 2.

No more 3 ml sample sets.

Now that I am no longer making products fresh to order, I will be able to include 3ml samples in with every order once the store Officially reopens in June.

I am however officially no longer offering the 3 ml samples sets. The truth is when you factor in labor it cost more to produce four to five  3 ml samples than it does to produce four to five 30 ml samples so I decided to give customers the better value and just offer the 30 ml discovery flight sets at the same price as the 3 ml sample sets! I have been doing this for a while as limited edition discovery flights sets, this is just the first time I have explained the difference.

I am trying something different with the Sweet Treats Discovery Flight Set in that I am allowing people to pre order those fragrances 10 days before the official launch. This will guarantee that you receive the discovery set before they have sold out.

Change # 3

I am cutting the fragrance library down to 10 staple fragrances!


I have way too many fragrances, like a ridiculous amount of fragrances and if there is one thing this past month has taught me it that making that many fragrances on a regular basis by hand is a recipe for insanity.

So, I am asking people to help me choose which fragrances to keep and the rest are going bye-bye.

But fear not! If you have a fragrance that you absolutely love that doesn’t make the cut, you may be able to still order it as a special order. (Although there is no additional fee for special order fragrances, special orders can take up to 30 days to ship)


Change # 4

All Natural Fragrances


I am offering a line of all natural perfumes made from 100% natural ingredients

The 1st four fragrances and note descriptions are listed below:


Hold Up: Meyer Lemon, Coconut, White floral Absolute Accord, Petitgrain, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Butterfly: Honey, Orange flower, Musk

Coffy Baby: Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla Absolute,

Strawberry letter 22:  Strawberry, Vanilla, Musk


I don’t have an official launch date for these perfumes yet. I will make the official announcement in next month’s newsletter


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