Making Life Simple!

To everyone who has supported me and shown me love and kindness I am truly grateful.

A few people have messaged me asking if everything is okay and why I keep removing fragrances from the website.


As much as I love the creative part of making perfume and dreaming up new fragrances. I am a little burnt out.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed and tired of working hard to fill orders only to be met with stolen packages, lost packages and missed pickups. The truth is as a staff of one I find myself overwhelmed most of the time in a place where I am no longer enjoy making fragrances.


There was a time when I was excited about every new order, and I made each and every bottle of fragrance joy and care. But over the years I made the mistake of releasing too many fragrances and what was once a joy has become struggle. And I admit and apologize for canceling and refunding orders too quickly.


In the end I decided to start fresh and edit things down from a fragrance library of over 100 fragrances to a smaller more manageable catalogue of just 25 fragrances.


 This was a difficult task but in doing so I was able to find my passion again.


Thank you all for your support


Best Wishes,


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