Haught Parfums is Now Ganache Parfums!

Haught Parfums is Now Ganache Parfums!

Ganache Parfums and Haught Parfums are the same company? The answer is still and always will be no! They are not. I know this is very confusing for some people because when Ganache Parfums opened some of the fragrances from Haught Parfums were now part of the Ganache Parfums fragrance library. The reason the was so is when I split from Haught Parfums the agreement was that I would take all of the gourmand perfumes and the rest of the fragrance library would stay with Haught Parfums. 

The reality is Haught Parfums is officially closed down for good. I do not own the rights to the name so If the company should reopen in the future I will not be apart of it or connected in anyway. 

Though this is the end of the road for Haught Parfums. The good news is; 92656, Ineffable, Lushious Lounge Lizard, Chocolate Wasted, Sol Bedaso and Un¢ed will be available again once the Broun Suga Co. reopens later this year. 


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