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Coming clean about reformulating our fragrances.

Time for Change, you talk we listen.


I have been getting many questions lately about the longevity and projection of the Ganache Parfums fragrances. The feedback I am receiving is that people love the fragrances but are not satisfied with the price range and the performance of the fragrances. Therefore, I am making changes to the business model, but I also wanted to explain for a moment how we got here.


When I first started Ganache Parfums, I wanted to create a gourmand perfumes that not only smelled amazing but also did not require many of the toxic ingredients you can often find in perfumes. Therefore, I omitted things like nitro musks, phthalates, and petroleum-based aroma compounds and opted for natural ingredients and fragrances oils derived from non-petroleum by-products. The result was a final perfume product that was less toxic, more environmentally friendly.  Unfortunately, these natural and harsh chemical free materials are often more expensive and don’t have the longevity and projection of materials containing more toxic ingredients. 


The truth is many companies use these aroma chemicals and fillers that contain the use of these toxic chemicals because they produce beast mode fragrances that can last upwards of 8 hours on the skin.


So this presented me with a dilemma. On the one hand, I do want to make customers happy; after all, that is why I started a business. On the other hand, I just don’t feel right about using such nasty ingredients just to achieve an effect. Therefore, after much research and many sleepless nights, I decided to make a compromise. While I still refuse to use petroleum-derived aroma compounds and nitro musk, I am reformulating all the fragrances from a more natural base to a more synthetic base. I will also make sure to list percentages and any known toxins, the new formulations may contain right on the product page, so that consumers may make informed purchasing decisions.


The result will be a final formulation that is less natural and slightly more synthetic chemical based but with improved performance and silage.


The new formulations will go into effect the end April of 2018. The current formulations will be available at a discounted price until March 31, 2018 or while supplies last. 

Below is an example of the two fragrance reformulations:

Chocolate Ganache

Old Formula                                     New Formula

Cocoa absolute                               Natural cocoa essence

Chocolate extract                         Cocoa aldehyde

Vanilla Absolute                              Synthetic vanilla accord

Natural butter essence                 French vanilla fragrance oil

Chocolate accord                           Chocolate fragrance oil

Natural Cake accord                      Synthetic cake accord

Blood orange essential oil           Orange fragrance oil

White Cognac essential oil          Grand Marnier fragrance oil


Old Formula                                    New Formula

Natural strawberry isolates         Natural strawberry isolate

Natural vanilla accord                   Synthetic vanilla accord

Lime essential oil                            Synthetic lime note

Nutmeg essential                            Synthetic nutmeg note

Synthetic strawberry note           Rum fragrance oil

Synthetic vanilla note                   whipped cream fragrance oil

Natural rum essence  

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