Farwell To Jarek

It seems a little weird to write a farewell message about myself and yet here I am. So let me cut right to the chase. Though, Ganache is going to continue on, my time with Ganache is officially over.

These last 6 years have been a blast and I have enjoyed meeting so many great people and fellow gourmand lovers. Had it not been for this journey and all of the wonderful people I met long the way I would have never found the courage to branch out and try new things.

And although the experience of working with a new team of people has been an amazing experience, with the new direction Ganache is taking it just didn’t make sense for me to continue on with this next chapter. It’s bittersweet and at the same time my departure has afforded me the opportunity to focus on improving my health and working on new projects.

Of course, I couldn’t say goodbye without leaving you with one last collection which I hope you enjoy. You can check out the three new fragrances here if you're curious)

So, what’s next for Ganache?  It’s not my story to tell but I can give the highlights.


New 30ml bottles and packaging.

Lower prices $25.00-$35.00 for all fragrances

And the biggest change is starting in August all new fragrances will be affordable inspirations of luxury niche fragrances.


I am so excited for Ganache’s new direction and I can’t to see what comes next!

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