Coming clean about selling out.

There was time when I made all of the fragrances fresh to order and during that time you could always but any fragrance on demand.

As many of you may know this method also took quite a bit of time to prepare and ship each order. Ans as much as I love creating fragrances this method became a chore and it was time to make a change.

So for the relaunch, I decided it was best to make everything ahead of time. It makes the shipping process much faster and way less stressful. The down side is since I am not exactly sure of how a fragrance will sell, I cannot be sure if have prepared enough bottles and fragrances can go out of stock from time to time until I have the opportunity to make more.

There is good news. If you have purchased a discovery set or full size bottle. You can always order a full size bottle or refill set (coming soon) even if the product is sold out by simply sending an email with your request. Since these request are not as common, I can still prepare your order and ship fairly quickly. However because these orders are made fresh it is still best to let the fragrances mature 3-4 weeks before using. 

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