Coming Clean About Fragrance Samples.

I love the idea of fragrance samples and discovery sets. I have so many thoughts of creative ways to offer fragrance samples and gift set ideas and then reality sets in! 

Samples are wonderful and also the bane of my existence as a small business owner. The reality is, it is  next to impossible to find an affordable spray bottle solution that doesn't leak! Imagine spending weeks filling sample bottles only to ship them out just to receive dozens of emails and photographs of damaged bottles. It's heartbreaking. 

So, I have to make a few changes and say goodbye to the spray bottle sample idea and embrace the glass vile with a dauber sample system. I know it's not ideal but I do know these bottles and very secure. 

The other change is, I am going back to the model of offering 30 ml discovery sets for all new fragrance collections releases, so you can still experience the fragrances in a spray form. 

I know the dauber style samples are not popular, but I also know nobody likes receiving damaged fragrances so this is the perfect solution for now. 

I am working on getting the new samples bottles filled and labeled, I hope to have the new discovery sets back online in the coming weeks. 


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