Clearing up the confusion about closing down.

Clearing up the confusion about closing down.


I received a lot request inquiring about if the store is closing for good and asking about my current health status.


So I wanted to take a moment to give a quick update. The good news is health wise I have made a full recovery. I did take a little time away and hired an intern to help with the orders which was a major blessing and also a major revelation that I needed to make some major changes.


So, here is the short version. I am not closing down the business. However, going forward the store will only be open for orders the first 10-15 days of every month. This new model will afford me the opportunity to expedite shipping and processing of orders and also manage the customer service aspect better which I apologize has been lacking over the last few months. I realize I did not provide as much detail as people have requested but I have video I am posting sometime next month explaining in greater detail.



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