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Making Life Simple!

To everyone who has supported me and shown me love and kindness I am truly grateful. A few people have messaged me asking if everything is okay and why I keep removing fragrances from the website.   As much as I love the creative part of making perfume and dreaming up new fragrances. I am a little burnt out.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed and tired of working hard to fill orders only to be met with stolen packages, lost packages and missed pickups. The truth is as a staff of one I find myself overwhelmed most of the time in a place where I am no longer enjoy making fragrances.   There was a time when I was...

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Why Does My Order Take So Long

while this model is a true labor of love at 10-30 orders a month. When you reach 10-30 orders in a day, blending each fragrance, pouring each fragrance and hand labeling every bottle, quickly becomes a stressful, seemingly never-ending beast that screams kill it with fire now! 

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COVID -19 and the new normal!

  I think we can agree 2020 has been quite a year! I feel so focused blessed and fortunate for all the emails, words of encouragement and orders I have received. I feel so blessed to be able to connect and interact with so many amazing people. As we all strive to adjust to this new world. As I strive daily to adjust and respond to this new normal, it just never occurred to me that I would lose one of my vendors, but I got the news this week that two of the suppliers I have been working with are closing their doors for good. As much as I would like to continue to provide the quality products and unapologietically gourmand fragrances. The reality is without these to vendors it is just not possible for me to continue to offer...

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